Rob's Carrion Crown

Lessons Learned

If they've been constrcuted from dead flesh, best not to use lightning on them.

We continue through Hergstag…having destroyed the other child ghosts….

At around 11:30 at night, it is completely silent. No bugs humming, no birds chirping, nothing. We could hear nothing but our own footsteps.

As the rest of the party wound their way up the hill, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. Wind whipped branches in front of the rest of the party when they see a wraith filled with a buzzing of hornet type eyes. Tendrils whip out of it and grab at ‘Essa and hit her. I spoke to her later and she said it felt like 100 angry hornets stinging her. She said it was ‘no big deal’.

There were 20 different eyes on the wraith…

As we got to the cave, the wraith came up in front of me from the ground between myself and Atherton and it reached into my chest and pulled at my heart. Ouch! I had just finished calming Senji down when he saw his person take a hit. He flew at the wraith in a rage and jumped straight through it and landed unharmed on the other side.

The others continued to take the opportunity I provided by slowing the beast down momentarily and slayed it. There were cries in the night in a few different directions immediately after…we realized the other wraith-spawns had likely turned into wraiths themselves. Not good. This complicates things.

I bopped myself on the head with my magical stick and healed myself a bit, enough to feel good enough to move again.

As we were travelling back to the town, we were accosted on the road by a group of orcs. Senji was majestic – completely in his element now that he could actually attack something. The battle was over before I knew it, having been almost killed by the many wounds I took while I fought against the orcs.

When we got back to town, we rested overnight and were present at the trial of the beast. The crowd seemed to quietly turn against us – Senji became uncomfortable and ‘Essa and I noticed his skittish behaviour and took note of the crowd’s attitude.

We travelled to the burnt ruins of the sanatorium and the team asked me to check out the waterway around the building. The water was murky and I wasn’t able to see anything out of the ordinary aside from an odd moaning/mumbling noise that comes and goes while I am underwater. ‘Essa plunged her head underwater and heard the same noises…I could see nothing else so I climbed out of the water back onto dry land. We started down into the cellar the others found when an overpowering stench of death surrounded us. We had discovered a chamber with ghasts…I started channelling my inner pyromaniac and started setting them on fire with my gaze. ‘Essa charged into the fray and split one in half with a mighty heave of her sword. It was a thing of beauty where I would set them up (well…on fire) and she would knock them down. I was a bit concerned when one of the filthy creatures bit her and sunk its disgusting teeth into her flesh. She didn’t take any poison into her bloodstream, but I cleansed her wounds immediately afterwards and healed her up good. It made me feel better about the whole thing.

In the box:
Slightly melted gold belt buckle
A crossbow with silver bolts
A silver bracelet with the depiction of an owl being consumed by a moon (I take it and wear it as a wrist brace).

We arrived back in town at dusk after finding the graves the ghasts had opened up to feed on the dead found within.

While we were at V&G warehouse, we ran into the warehouse and saw three horribly disfigured beings. We quickly killed them. I tried to electrocute them with the building they were in – this, as it turns out, was not a god idea. The beasts were quickly slain by the others and Soda tried to murder one of the horses. The three horses were quickly calmed by myself and ‘Essa. The last one we got around to was very taken with me and began carrying me around like its long lost cuddly blanket. I immediately named her Buttercup.

While we were busy getting the horses under control, the rest of the group looted the room and found the following:

12 vials alchemist’s fire
12 vials of liquid ice
10 smoke pellets
10 smoke sticks
6 bottles of bleach

After acquainting ourselves with our new pets, we found a room with 7 vats with pipes connecting them. The vats were filled with the base components of everyday alchemist’s potions held above fires. There were a number of mongrel folk working away but they quickly fled.

I was eventually hit with a bomb, but not before seeing another flicker of darkness above me. ‘Essa was taking damage, when I remembered George, my wolverine friend from our days in the Viridian Forrest. The heat of the battle and fires from below the vats reminded me of the forest fire where I helped save his family from a burning thatch of brambles. He fought valiantly, but was sent back to the forest from whence he came. I was running up the stairs when it happened.

‘Essa fell in battle. I didn’t think much of it at first because she had fallen before and was brought back just fine. But…she was gone.

5 pots of alchemical grease
3 pouches of flash powder
I clear vial – invisibility
Brown with green flecks potion – spider climb
Half blue half white – water breathing
Stick – wand of acid arrow
Personal alchemist’s kit
Alchemist’s book
Ring of keys
4 more doses of what we assume are poison (1 black, 2 blue, 1 grey)
1 dented heavy mase

From the dwarf scum:
1 cure light wound
2 vials of acid
1 anti-toxin
Masterwork hand axe
Masterwork throwing axe
Symbol of a bad dwarf god
Freshly spilled spell components pouch

Inside the cabinet against the wall, we found a horrific, sickening sight. No less than 12 skins of people, mostly recognized from missing persons’ reports, including the skin of one of the large beasts complete with alligator bite marks from the swamp lands we visited days ago.

Skin stealer – he will kill and wear the skin of his victims. There was, however, one skin we recognized as belonging to professor Katarina Vildt. She was a lecturer of surgery.

In a hidden compartment behind the cabinet, we found:
200 platinum pieces (2000 gold)
100 platinum (found after I left with ‘Essa’s body to go back to town)
Silver cup inlaid with obsidian
A syringe filled with glowing green glue – necromantic goo to make zombies not act like zombies

We discussed what we should do next, and I volunteered to take ‘Essa’s body back to town and rouse the : Judge, the Guard, and our Lawyers to convince them with our new evidence of the vials of nastiness, the professor’s skin…enough to firmly convince the justice system of the monster’s innocence.



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