Rob's Carrion Crown

Liessa Journal, Entry 10

The first day of the trial seemed to go well. The people here did not kill the beast perhaps because something the knight said.
After court got out we split to go look for more evidence. We left the cop and Bofkas to investigate in town, and the rest of us headed to the see some women survivors of Herkstag – they just tell us that no one actually saw the beast do anything and there are 7 ghost children… at least I have the tools for dealing with ghosts.. we also find out that they trapped the town for trespassers so watch for traps.

Once there I have to save Karna from stepping in a bear trap almost right away. Helmets are no good if you cant see. At the first house we find we see a scarecrow that turns out to be a human and our little Owl friend spots some shinny coins and asks me in owl to hold the purse.

Moving on we find a wraithspawn child – must be one of the ghosts. So it wasn’t the beast killing kids cause it’s not a wraith. I rush it with Bloodstained Heart and take a mighty chunk out of this evil child. it swipes back and drains some of my essence and it heals the vile thing. I retaliate with a ferocious slash and the child dissipates.

Our next house we find a little ghost girl skipping rope. The old man and I flank her but then it walks right through the old man and disappears. All the while she sings her cursed rhyme. Karna sees her going in the house so he burns it down.



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