Rob's Carrion Crown

Liessa, Journal Entry 9

We have arrived in Lepidstadt and our groups strength of skills seems needed right away. This is what’s happened so far Journal

We arrived around dinner so we stayed at the Red Scarf Inn. Still feeling proud at our victory over Harrowstone we celebrated – well my little friend and the dwarf and me did. I don’t know what happened next, but according to the the rest of the group I was ‘inebri-something’. Thankfully Freja had something for my horrible hangover. But we were summoned to a judge’s house! Judge Elbrith wants us to deliver a red book to a professor, seems menial but we agree to do it. As we leave her house I hear the sound of large furniture being dragged across wood floor.

When we arrive at the university we find huge – well for non giant huge – foot prints and a smashed in wall. We meet the prof and he says that the only thing taken was some weird seathing eff N Gee. – whatever that is. The crime scene has a scent of beeswax near the back door – the magicky people say that’s important. So we drop off the book and go back to the Judge.

Back at the judge we finally get our money from Lorrimor‘s will. The judge then offers us double that money for proving the ’beast’ innoccent! and we have to help some courtroom guy. Bofkas wants to try tracking it – which sounds like more fun so Freja and I go.

In the woods we don’t find anything but dwarf things he can find more. Freja turns into a bear to try and track by smell but we end up wrestling. She is a a lot stronger as a bear. Impressive for such a small one in gnome body.

Once back in town we notice a huge burning man in the center of town. I check it out and then we meet with the rest of the group that wants to head to Morast to find evidence. Okay, sure, they will probably need help with the monsters that lurk out there.

So the town is on stilts, and this crazy town the people don’t get older and they say the water keeps them young. Looks gross but I drink some… tastes like gross water.

We talk to a guy who knows something, but before long we are on an island and a manticore is attacking us. This cowardly beast dares not land for fear of my blade and instead of dying honorably in battle it flees, but not before I am positive that I gave it an arrow wound it will not forget. Inside it’s nest we find a corpse and apparently some evidence for the trial or maybe that was the surgeon’s tools in that other boat. Either way we head back to Lepidstadt



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