Rob's Carrion Crown

Liessa's Journal Entry 10-2

We continued to hunt the vile spirit children. The next location to find one of these wretched ghost children was from within the walls of a haunted church or town hall. The eerie, music pouring out as we drew near gave me shivers even though I was not cold. When we enter the music stops and I saw a girl, a youth whom was singing to herself, as we drew near she disappeared. We then fanned out and the ghostly youth attacked Our owl from below the floorboard. She then would not show herself again so we ended up burning down the church.

Continuing we found a house of the little girl Karen – I think the one who died two days after being returned by the beast. Strange that the room is in such a lovely state. I found a present for my druid friend, a dress the child would no longer need, but would probably fit her nicely.

After searching a few more homes to no avail we head back to the burning church. This is where we encountered some tragic news. The cop was there but our dwarf friend was now an elf. Sark told us how Bofkas died valiantly and he met this fancy elf. Poor dwarf, he fought well.

The fancy elf knows a lot about wraiths and we decide to split up to hunt the remaining spawn. Freja and I head north, her perched upon my head. We search until we see a wraith boy, as we approach his house he fires sling bullets at us, Freja flies into the air, and the ghost chases her, I signal for her to flee, knowing that Bloostained Heart would send the boys damned soul to rest. The boy reappeared in the window, but then disappeared as my axe chopped down. The next time I see the out boy I am ready as he reaches for my face, I instinctively bite at it, which causes it to flinch and stumble. With his back to me I cut straight down the ghost boy’s back sending him back to oblivion. We fund nothing else in this part of town so we meet back with the others.

Our new companion suggests we check one of the children’s graves so he and the cop dig it up – apparently to use as evidence. We do the math and then Freja and I going and tactically lure out another boy wraith a quickly dispatch it.

With only one wraith left we get ready to finish it off and then we will ride back to Lepidstadt.



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