Rob's Carrion Crown

No need for mourning...

'Essa's back and ready to disregard pleas of mercy.

We arrived at the church of Iomede with ‘Essa’s body and my newly acquired horse friends and Senji. I called upon the priest to restore ‘Essa to her former glory. After paying the 200 platinum pieces and the remaining 3000 gold owed as donation to the church, there was a huge commotion towards the courthouse.

We were quickly ushered into the courthouse where we learned the townsfolk were livid with the outcome of the trial so far. I snuck out the back door to go and get the judge who hired us to research the Beast.

Then we bickered about life and death for a while then ‘Essa stormed off to go to bed. I follow her since she needs someone to look after her for a while since she was, you know, dead a little while ago. That, and her hair really needs something done with it since it looks like she’s been through hell and back.

She threw a bit of a fit back I her room…I waited her out then called her on her childish tantrum. When I pointed this out, she reminded me of “Group loot,” and I allow her to pass into Sark’s room to mess his shit up, then we go to the dwarf’s room and loot…I mean…reclaim for the greater good…everything he had of value. She then looked around and had a brilliant idea – ransack everyone’s rooms and blame it on the angry mob. Excellent. Once she is back in her own room, I get her into her jammies and clean her up/bandage her wounds before I brush out her hair.

In the morning, ‘Essa and I headed back to V&G to get the bodies of our vanquished enemies to present to the barrister.

The Beast was eventually acquitted of all crimes and free to go back to his home: Shlaus Caramark.



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