Rob's Carrion Crown

No time to write!

Who can write journals when we're under attack?

Count Alpon Caromarc

We set out from the town to head off to the Count’s castle – as we move along, the road becomes less traveled and the sounds of the forest bleed away into something more sinister…

We come to a castle in ruins, with a stone bridge falling apart. Tied to the gates before the stone bridge were a pair of troll hounds.

The orc tried diplomacy, but there were a series of volleys of boulders and large arrows fired his way. I tried to let those in the castle know that we weren’t with the mob, and started moving away from Sark…which is good since in the next moment three troll hounds came bounding out towards us.

Buttercup was frightened by the troll dogs and ran away which left me to quickly dismount. Senji went to the aid of ‘Essa and the fight was on!

Then Senji was hit by one of the heathens and I sprang to his rescue! I healed him and told him to take it easy so he didn’t get more hurt. Poor little fellow!

The battle ensued and ……..



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