Rob's Carrion Crown

On the search for a cure!

I surprised the newest emember of our party by turning into a bear. It's a thing I do.

We are resting in the study when we hear a large, angry crowd…followed quickly by shrieking terror.
The switch has gone back to the ‘on’ position – I tied it down into the ‘off’ position. Take that.

Once outside, we saw the villagers running away from the castle – some took the fast way down by jumping off the bridge into the river below.

While were we making our way across the bridge, Sark triggered a trap. Suddenly, a flash of light blinded Atherton and a battle was on. I started the battle already tired of this creature’s shenanigans. I called lightning and hit her once, twice, three times…
11 fire
24 regular damage
I use cure light wounds and get 11 points back. Still…it hurts. Senji guarded me while I healed myself, then I was back in the game and got her with another lightning bolt.
She was trying to hit me, but she hit Senji. That was IT. My last lightning bolt hit her solidly and she was sent back to her plane of vile existence.

We moved into the building ahead of us – rows of vials, with three vials that have rolled out from beneath the cabinet – Violet venom – a powerful poison. Just then, one of the sarcophagi in the corner bursts open and an orc emerged. Turns out he wasn’t too bad a character. He joined our ranks just in time for another attack. One of the sarcophagi opens into some kind of…attack box. Another opened up to reveal a mummy…it attacked ‘Essa and touched her. She was hit by it…
I tried to heal ‘Essa…no luck. It now looks like she could be at death’s door again.

We discuss her last wishes quietly out of earshot from the rest of the party. If she falls, I know what she wants to move into the next world with.

Two bear footprints the size of a Sasquatch, and two sets of tiny (smaller than me) with little tracks with nail marks in the dust. It’s like tiny, adorable tracks of creatures that I suspect will rip our faces off in our sleep.

I was rummaging around in the basement looking for a cure for my friend. My search was interrupted by a gollum and two homunculi that had the larger beast on a leash. I turned into a grizzly bear and attacked the flesh Gollum when it broke into the room.
As soon as it was down, I ran out of the room. Once I was clear of the room I healed myself and headed for ’Essa. I check on her and continue looking for something that could cure her. I move into another room and find three large urns with a variety of fluids in them.

One smells like embalming fluid.
Another makes me feel nauseous.
The third one smells…off.
I leave the jars (massive) where they are and leave the room.

I find another set of stairs and followed them up. I find a door and hear sounds of sea waves – a giant conch shell strapped to a record player. I find another staircase that goes into the ceiling. This new room is full of flying things…well…pieces of flying things.

Another store rooms filled with boxes – more mundane preserved animals. 3 locked chests which Atherton opens.

The left one – assorted garbage – taxidermy stuff.
The middle one – more taxidermy supplies
The final one – two floating medusa heads – we kill them post haste

A wand of cure moderate at the bottom of the chest – 14 charges.

Boxes contain stuff. The bottom of one of the boxes – a switch. I flip the switch and a ladder descends. As soon as I open the door an alarm and acid fog fills the room – an acid fog tries to cleanse me from this world, but I get out just in time.

Nothing is left upstairs – the remnants of glass tubing and not much else. The walls and windows have been left untouched and the view is brilliant upstairs.



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