Professor Petros Lorrimor



Professor Petros Lorrimor was a prominent researcher and scholar who made a home for himself in a small hamlet in Ustalov. His interests were manifold- he wrote a treaty on alchemical formulae, studied barbarian cultures abroad, and had an impressive list if contacts in various social circles and dabbled in musical theory. Many times, his explorations were focused on finding and recording proof of legendary and magical creatures, and his collections of esoteric lore were remarkable to many of his scholarly compatriots. His crowning achievements were an intense study into the ways of oracles and what granted them divine power, the uncovering of many holy relics, being heralded as a sought-after expert on the manifestations of sorcerous bloodlines, and refining ideas on the soul’s journey through the various planes of the multiverse.

Notice of the professor’s death has reached the principles described in his will, requesting that they journey to the town of Ravengro to attend the funeral and the reading of the will, with a particular request that Matthais Hallows, a priest of Pharasma, perform the burial rights.


Professor Petros Lorrimor

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