The Beast of Lepidstadt

This great lumbering monstrosity stares at you with surprisingly confused child-like eyes.


Although few can honestly claim to have ever personally seen the notorious Beast of Lepidstadt, all the city’s residence know the living legend of the 10-foot terror, the unholy amalgamation of evil stitched to evil, the unborn son of dead murderers, rabid beasts, and stray devils shackled in f lesh by nail and needlework. Rumors claim the Beast eats children, murders lonely travelers, besieges isolated farmhouses, and commits all the atrocities ascribed to bandits and beasts in other communities. But stranger tales tell of a morbid penchant for corpse-napping and frequent sightings of multiple mysterious silhouettes amid the potter’s fields outside the city, as if the Beast’s nightmarish body hungered for ever more terrible flesh.


The Beast of Lepidstadt

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