Warehouse swag

V&G warehouse


12 alchemist fire,
12 liquid ice
10 smoke pellet
10 smokestick
6 bleach bottles
Bottle of port with case (100gp)
12 vials of acid
12 vials of nushadir
5 tanglefoot bag
3 thunderstones
Vial of antitoxin
Disguise kit
Holy symbol iron (norgorbor)
Thieves tools
Spell component pouch
4 black goop ()
Ptn water breathing
Wand of acid arrow( cl – 3rd , 21 charges)

Dust of tracelessness -1
Formula book

Set of keys
2 doses of black adder venom
2 dosses of blue whinnis
1 dose of death blade

3 packs of flash powder
5 pots alchemical grease
Silver drinking cup (400gp)
6 vials of be necromantic alchemical elixir in case
Ebony tribal mask (175)
Silver torque (linorm kings – 200gp)
Mammoth tusk scrimshaw – spells on it – phantom steed, bull strength, ice storm

5 pots of blade guard
10 doses blood block
5 applications of silver weapon Blanche
5 Applications of cold iron Blanche
5 applications of adamantine weapon Blanche
Leather book bound with stick on top – ledger of sales and purchases.
Wand of gentle repose ()


Warehouse swag

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