Rob's Carrion Crown

Liessa's Journal, Entry 3

This last outing we were not joined by the old man, he has apparently taken ill. We headed for the vile prison by carriage as we wanted to be able to explore more of it before nightfall. Peculiar but not unexpected the driver would not come all the way to the prison, too afraid due to superstitious tradition – and they call my people barbarians with weird ways.

Upon arrival and our attack from swarms of rats we tore down the wardens house, I guess because it could have housed more swarms? The Orc helped me with this and then we did the same to the balcony on the front of the prison. The shady one helped us this time. We proceeded to climb the broken balcony and enter the prison above the main doors. In scouting the initial room we heard the strangest of noises – a creepy, haunting flute. It should not have scared me but the hairs on my arm did stand on end briefly. Powerful evil to affect me so.

While we skulked the roof of the top floor we eventually encountered some wickedly large mosquitos again – stirge, but I doubt many of the city folk I associate with would know them by this name. I of course vanquished the majority of them assisting my companions with my incredible fighting force.

This was the end of this trip to Harrowstone – we did not wait for the driver – my comrades did not think that he would even come back to get us. While walking we were waylaid by slime covered things. A most repulsive undead creation. A peculiar thing happened, the cop disappeared for a few moments leaving me to protect the weaker one and so I slew the trio of slimers.

We once again receive healing from the priest. I sleep well this night after a day of slaughtering abominations.

The old man is still unavailable. We head back to the prison again by carriage – a most lazy way to travel but at least we make better time then waiting for those who wear clunking armour.
This next expedition into this god-forsaken place almost cost us our lives. We heard the eerie flute again and this time while walking amongst the stalls skeletons that burst into flames attacked us – meanwhile we heard a loud buzzing sound and moments later the largest stirge I have every seen came around the corner. This also caused the night walker to become frozen with fear and was knocked down. Trying to fight our way out was becoming grim and I felt a pull of control on my mind briefly but dug deep down to all the rage I keep just below the surface and I let a blood scream telling Sark to run. I grabbed Zarazazz and we fled. I caught a glimpse of this dark flautist and if not by my blade then by some way I will destroy this horrid undead creation.

We made it back to Ravengro. Well of course we did or I wouldn’t be writing this… The next day we did research with Kendra‘s help. There were many famous prisoners that went to this wretched place. The children’s nursery rhyme from town starts to connect with things at the prison. The warden burnt the place to the ground to save the town, I think because of the riot that had just broken out… so if we have any hope of saving Ravengro from the undead assault that may be coming we may have to find of way of encouraging these filth ridden spirits to pass on. Tomorrow is another day, for now I rest.

Liessa's Journal, Entry 2

In coming down to another breakfast meal using dainty little cutlery the sheriff was knocking and he informed us that there was a large “V E” painted with blood upon the town fountain. Not before noticing that the Paladin had disappeared – apparently recalled. I could not imagine living on such a short leash.

We went to investigate and found some feathers and the obvious foot of a chicken at the base of the fountain – the painters must be cutting up chickens. I showed the cop and he seemed to think it was some kind of voodoo and looked at me like I am an expert on it. Apparently there are things these city people can’t learn from books. Idiot. Afterwards we went back to the manor and decided to make the trek to Harrowstone.

On the way we were waylaid by enemies and had to defend ourselves. Rising from the decrepit woods 4 marauding skeletons attacked us. The guarded one could not control his horse and fled. Meanwhile I quickly dispatched two of them with pure force. My allies were not as lucky and sustained wounds before dispatching one each. The rest of the journey was uneventful.

Harrowstone was a ugly looking place. I went through the gate first because we had to find answers – was Professor Petros Lorrimor murdered or was it an accident? Once inside a large swarm of rats assembled and advanced on us. I slashed through them and with the slight help of my allies the swarm quickly dispersed. It happened to us again when we were climbing the stairs of the parapet. The cop and quiet one did little to help, however the old man fought valiantly but succumbed to the massive pile of rats. I then felt the urgency and snicker snacked the remaining rats – spilling entrails everywhere. Afterwards I fed the monk some healing juice and he came to.

We continued along the parapet until the waft of feces met our noses and we saw where the prison’s waste went. Continuing on we found where the wall crumbling down towards the ‘lake’ and I use that term loosely for the sludge that resides there. As we were climbing down black skeletons rose from the depths. The monk quickly dispatched one but then the the other two began to smolder – before they could fully ignite I slashed through their bones. It was then that we decided to leave Harrowstone.

Once back and covered in rat entrails and nursing wounds, all except the coward for he never enters the fray, we went to discuss our findings with the father Jimbo or something. He tried to make us pay for healing. We quickly reminded him that undead are running around in his town. I doused my head in the horse trough – it felt good to get the rat guts off my face.

Upon or return to the Lorrimor estate we used the magic board for talking to ghosts. They seemed to think it would help so I took part – it seemed useless to me, but they think that was not murdered now – more questions I guess?

Afterwards the servant ran me a bath -hot water for cleaning, it was very refreshing. She even washed my cloak of rat guts. It smells funny now, like flowers somehow?

Our sleep was disturbed that night by the shady one running into the house screaming he was being followed by skulls. I met him in his room and vanquished 3 of these flaming skulls but not before becoming enraged by this outburst. Their fiery skulls burnt me a little so I crushed them even more. I picked up the shattered remains of 7 in total and will show them to the priest, perhaps he will thank me again by healing these fire wounds… tomorrow, now it is time to sleep.

Sark's Report

My dear Captain-Vicar,

I hope this finds you in good health, and the church and its congregation.

As you know, I was summoned to attend the funeral of Proffr. Lorrimor this last seven-day of Rova, in his town of Ravengro. The event was attended by four other worthies of the Proffr.’s acquaintance: a Paladin of Iomadae, Sir Duncan; an aged monk who hails by the curious cognomen Soda; a barbarian whose ancestry most assuredly includes a monstrous component, but if the Proffr. approved of her, so will I trust his judgment of her character; and lastly another demi- or non-human fellow of some unsavoury type, he keeps his counsel very close and will bear watching.

We were all present at the reading of the Last Will and Testament. It was given unto the company assembled to see to the enduring safety of Kendra Lorrimor, the only heir to the Lorrimor estate, for a period of one month, which would take us to the end of Lamashan. (Surely an inauspicious time of the year.) After this time we were charged with conveying a chest of rare and esoteric tomes to the University in Lepidstadt. Upon delivery to the academics noted in the will, we are all to receive 100 platinums. I have promised a tithe to Father Grimboro, as this is his pastorage.

I had planned a trip to Harrow-stone, the site of PLs death, just to confirm the local Sheriff’s findings, but we were alerted to the presence of a zombie on the edge of town and attended to the eradication of the undead. No complicated task, the barbarian woman struck down the zombie.

Upon consultation with the Sheriff and Fr. Grimboro, we decided to investigate the possibility of obtaining some artifacts hinted at in the Professor’s Will. I am pleased to report that we discovered several items cached beneath a false crypt in The Rest-lands north of Ravengro, including a quiver of magical arrows, several healing draughts, 3 scrolls, 4 haunt syphons and a curious device that Kendra Lorrimor identified as a “Spirit Planchette”. I have secured the artifact in the safe at the Lorrimor house.

The only other incident of note was a large letter V scrawled in blood at the base of the fountain in the town square…The Professor’s notes included speculation about the Whispering Way and their activities in Harrow-stone.

I will investigate further.

Your brother in service of our Lady,

Zarazazz' Blog

my sleep was interrupted by my new ‘friends’ to discuss the distribution of the items we found in the false crypt. This evening there is a local celebration of the new month. I will likely be up late, and need some rest. The Orc seems to think he is a good shot, and wants the arrows. If he wastes any, we may have to relieve him of the remainder.

Kendra seems understandably upset, but is holding up well. She cannot say why her father wanted us to stay for a month, but certainly undead in the town was likely the reason. She certainly is understanding of the strangers in her home. More than I would if I was in her place.

Later tonight I will look up Grubbs, or whatever his name is, to see why he was so concerned with the professor’s burial.

Duncan's Diary

Yesterday I journeyed to visit the town of Ravengro!

Quite a while since the last time I’ve been here.. and it hasn’t changed a bit!

the same friendly locals and happy, singing children.. and the weather’s been great!

I was even invited to stay at the Manor of Old Mister Lorrimar, with his other esteemed guests. And just in time for the end of season festival!

Yes, this is shaping up to be a fine vacation. I can’t wait to go and see Harrowstone tomorrow!

Liessa's Journal

This experience is new to me. Kendra Lorrimor has given me this book to keep track of my thoughts and experiences. These people do not share their history via stories and I am not about to talk to these strangers – their ways are far to foreign for me.

Arriving for the Professor’s funeral, Kendra asked me to be a pallbearer, I agreed right away to honour the death of a friend. As we walked some disrespectful people tried to stop us calling Lorrimor a necromancer – clear lies, so I threatened them and they left.

A dark clad figure encouraged me to say something nice – I felt awkward speaking in front of these strangers but I did so anyways. In the end it felt right.

Afterwards we heard Professor Petros Lorrimor’s will and he left some spooky books for us with directions in his book of stories. We need to take books to Lepisomething but only after 1 month of protection of his offspring. She offers for us to stay with her. I have a room with lots of windows and place for fire in corner. Opening the windows allows breeze. The breeze makes it feel like home a little bit.

In the book we find out about a false crypt (apparently where they bury their dead?). The law friend of the professor suggests we go check out a ghost prison.

We also hear a rhyme by the local children. It is catchy and goes something like
“Put her body on the bed
with a knife chop off her head… umm
trixie father tells a lie
listen close or you will die”

Children see my eye and like it? They are not afraid. This is nice.

I fight my first undead. It is a vile disgusting creature that was eating a dog. I tell it to stop and it continues so I rush the abomination and sever its top from its bottom. The smell is overwhelming – undeath has a vile smell.

Afterwards I remind group of ghost fighting items talked about in book. We then search Restlands for crypt – eventually find melted lock. Inside there are large centipedes and a fake stone box for dead. I do not understand why these people insist on stone boxes for their dead?
Under the box we find tools for fighting the undead.

We return to Lorrimor’s house and Kendra invites us to a festival. We go as a guards? guests? I am not sure. I get this book then. At party She dances with quiet convincing guy – I don’t think he’s human. I think he’s different from them. During party stirges attack guests. Bloodsuckers must be vanquished and I tear the one off me and then slice another one off a music making person. Kendra wants to go home so we do.

Tomorrow we go to “Harrowstone”?

Zarazazz' Blog

My room was quite comfortable, and faced north, which is good. No direct sunlight to disturb my sleep or hurt my eyes. I draw the drape and instruct the maid to keep them drawn all the time. The room is on the second floor, and it’s and easy climb out of the window down the stone wall. Slipping in and out by the window will be easy. This will be an interesting month!

Zarazazz' Blog


The Professor has passed. There are few funerals I would attend, but this is one. The coming rain fits my mood and this dark news. I set out at dusk.

The funeral took place at the Restlands. It was . . . Typical, with the exception of Kendra. Well, she was her typical lovely self. The picture of refinement and reserve.

Secretly I look around the boneyard, nothing moving in the ground, all the souls are at rest here. A few attending say some words…a woman is uncertain, but some encouragement and she says some kind words too. It is all very unremarkable.

There are other students here as well. A woman who is of some sort of changeling background, an Orc, a young knight and an old man. Pastor Grimburrough invites us to a reception afterward. I slip away from the group and explore Ravengrow.

The reading of the will was interesting, the old man discussed his research and mortal possessions. He was specifically concerned about his library and wants his former students and friends to deliver the books to his university in Lepistad . . . But not until we stay here for a month and ensure the safe of his daughter. Raven grow is a quiet backwater, I cannot see what harm could befall her he, but if the professor was concerned, then out of respect I will see this done.

The Death of a Friend

Dear friends:

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the death of my father, Petros Lorrimor, due to a sudden and misfortunate accident. While I do not know you personally, my father spoke of you in high regard, and I am sure that it would be his wish that you attend his burial. You are mentioned in his will, which is to be unsealed and read after the funeral is complete.

If you can find the time out of your no doubt busy life to visit my father one last time, it would mean a lot to me and to his memory. Please come to the town of Ravengro in Ustalov on Fireday, the thirtieth of Rova, when the funeral will take place.

~Kendra Lorrimor


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