Rob's Carrion Crown

To be read in the morning

Dearest self,
I do not know if I shall wake from this horrible nightmare, to be once again reunited with my lithe, beautiful body. I fear this is the punishment of the Heavens, for judging this ‘Frank’ a beast without due cause. Perhaps it is yet a crueler joke, and I have become an orc because the unwashed plebeian did not correctly recite the invocation.
Regardless, we will be returning to the grand city in a manner of days. Oh the glorious things I can do with this wealth, but time is limited and my companions have needs also. The elderly fellow seemed a little hesitant at first, upon receiving his reward. My spirits were lifted, momentarily, as I thought he would simply return the coin with a valiant, “just doing the right thing” or something more poetic – in hindsight, perhaps he was weighing the option of squeezing the man for more. He had a strange look as he approached me, mumbling something along the lines of, “You look like you enjoy shopping, get me something nice.” I am most certain he refers to the lovely work I have done with the wild woman’s shabby furs, so I humbly obliged and said nothing of the unspoken admiration and desire in his voice.
The days of recovery were largely uneventful, the different social classes largely sticking to themselves – the womenfolk in the kitchens, the yeomen boasting of their achievements, and the strange new companions becoming worthy members of my staff once they were properly bathed and deloused. It was towards the end of one of these evenings, as I was enjoying brandy with the Count, when the little one came to engage a bit of Arcanis Theologis with us. A brilliant mind, the old man has, when not creating horrors… Freya was asking about some permanent sort of magicks to gift the recipient an understanding of the spoken word, as if any passerby was speaking the common tongue. I assumed it was in reference to the brutish Orc tongue which some of us have been using recently, and was fearing confrontation among my menials; we were all surprised when she finally came out and requested that her little critter-friend be made a bauble so that he might understand our needs better. I was cut short (no pun intended) as I mused on the little Senji fetching my pipe and slippers whilst dressed as a butler, but I do believe the theories are solid and it can be accomplished.
I have much to do upon returning to the University, though I feel something resembling guilt for not rushing off to reprimand the Count’s captors. Oh, guilt! I need some plan to gain entry into the city, so I am not executed on sight for the crime of being a savage. In the morning, when the others wake, we will come up with a plan.
Kindest regards to myself,
Atherton Mordekainenson.
ps Shall I be forced to take up a new name for fear of bringing shame to my family?

We need to work on our listening skills...

November 9

We moved on to the winding path and Senji did remarkably well with climbing. Good thing, too, as the path was only about a foot and a half wide. We came up to a castle structure with towers and a large lightning rod that was being struck by lightning every five minutes or so. Even though the day was still young at only about 10 in the morning, the sky was black with clouds filled with thunder and lightning.

Krow opened the door…thank goodness that the door wasn’t booby-trapped as we have seen previously, though the orc, Sarc and the Fop were pushed back by a wave of water. The burst of water pushed the half-orc over the edge, the Fop caught him, and ‘Essa caught the Fop. She heroically pulled them all up, and then coughed a bit…the mummy rot was taking its toll on her. The two feet of water almost got a hold of me, but our newest party member picked me up so I wasn’t pushed over the edge by the water, as well.

We enter the building and the hall split into two directions – the the left and the right.

The Fop discovered there was a basilisk in the chamber to the left. The orc went down that way to attack the creature. On the other side of the chamber hallway, there was another room with three vargouille creatures, who let out a terrible shriek which knocked me prone. One of these was smote early on. Another of these fowl beings came at me and tried to begin the transformation process to make me one of them. ‘Essa raged on this disgusting being and split it in two – atta girl, Essa! I made a mental note to produce water over myself to cleanse the sludge from my person. shudders

Krow, as it turns out, killed the basilisk on his own.

We gathered together again on the catwalk above the and notice spores and mushrooms in one chamber, and in the other I see doors ahead of us. The party opened the door and moved into the room – this was problematic as I was going to unleash a band of mad monkeys to help us tear the water zombies apart. Pity. I was really looking forward to the monkey swarm and the look on my party’s faces. The fight happened under water and I would have joined in, too, if I hadn’t found another door of interest in front and to the right of me. ‘Essa dove into the fray and much sloshing of water ensued.

One bottle made of shadows, one of vapour, two full of blackness with wax sealed around the cork, a white potion, and a stick float to the surface once the fight died down. One of the bottles came flying out at Sark, but Atherton caught it out of the air. Once in his hand, he asked me to appraise it – I’m now the proud owner of preserved basilisk blood. We examined the other doorway – a lovely oak door that was locked. The orc came up and put his foot through it, thus ensuring we could not lock the creatures back in the room they were waiting in.

The team members that went below described the room to me afterward: two bookcases piled in the corner near a corpse that had been ripped apart. Atherton describe his heroics in detail as well as the state of the room: “As the door swings open the six creatures in the room turn their heads (not their torsos, just their heads). While the rest of them [the party] get caught falling down the stairs that turn into a slide under their feet, I gracefully slid down the boobytrapped stairway and deftly leaped over the prone figures of my comrades…” ‘Essa shows me the rest of the stuff she got out of the cabinet down in the watery room from moments ago. While the others fought below us, we contemplated shutting the door at the top of the stairs…I told her we should wait to see how to battle goes. We already had enough to deal with, what with the impending ‘turn to dust on the wind in two days’ problem still on her plate.

The door that stood in front of us was solid with no key hole to see through, though we could hear wind, lightning strikes, thunderclaps, and rain. I dug deep in my stoic soul to not cry out in surprise at the lightning strike that hit directly in front of me when we opened the door. I checked to see no one saw…good.

We walked across the narrow stone bridge to the next door and a flesh Gollum was behind the door in front of us. The party dealt with it, and though I was hastened, I could not get the chance to use my burning gaze on it.

Under the flesh golem, we saw a solid piece of 10’ x 10’ adamantine which doubled as a door.

We took a moment to heal some of the party and I used 5 charges of the cure light wound wand on the others in the party.

Underneath the trap door was the gorilla/Gollum’s cage area. We found nothing of interest but a peanut…and not one that cures mummy rot.

We heard snoring off on the side of the room – I signalled for quiet to the rest of the party.

In the middle of the room was a large cage that had been ripped open. On each side of the wall were cages. There looked to be a homeless person in one of the cages. That was the source of the snoring and as we realized this is the only other person in the room, the party had me create water above the man to wake him. On his chest: the mark of the Whispering Way that looked to be about 2 days old.

We found a bear in another cage and let it free. Turns out, it’s Krow’s shaman brother who was able to cure ‘Essa’s mummy rot on the spot! Huzzah! It might still be a few nights of restful slumber in a soft bed before she is back up to her full strength, but she is no longer at death’s door!

The second full-blooded orc created food downstairs and the rest of the party went down to eat.

While the party went downstairs, a tiny winged homunculi tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention. It waved a little white flag to me to signal it comes in peace…and I believed it. Through a series of mimed answers, I was able to ascertain the following:

It asked me to follow him around and walks me through:
His master is the Lord of the castle, the one we have been looking for.
Wants us to save his master from the big bad monster upstairs
Shows me through scratches what the upstairs looks like
The device he shows me in etchings and scratching (shows me the Bondslave Thrall) which controls the beast – can command it 100%
Control device is on the roof
There’s a big monster just above us
It can see really well, hear pretty well, smell not too well
Creature is in its nest
Scary black robed people controlled the beast for about a week
We agree to call the beast we saved from the mob back in town ‘Frank’

I told ‘Essa the plan: to distract the monster while I fly up to the top of the tower and plug myself into the machine that will control Frank. I hoped that Frank was close so he would be able to get to the castle quickly.

I healed ‘Essa up completely, as well as the rest of the party. I used another 6 charges from the wand. (Note to self: We are now down to 39 uses of the wand.)

The shaman cast a spell on us all to give us a heroic charge of health for the next 10 minutes. It was now or never, people.

I turned into a raven and stared to fly up to the device, but the wind kept buffeting me back and forth. A few seconds into the ascent, I heard a cry of ‘help’ from inside the tower. The fools must have started up the tower as soon as I took to the sky! I called out a litany of abuse to them for their choice of shenanigans and kept fighting against the wind on my way to the top. What the hell had happened to the well rehearsed plan we all agreed with?

I finally got into the device and bonded with Frank. I saw through his eyes and he was moving through the ruined alchemist’s lab towards our location. He stalled a bit when I took over his body but then I commanded him to get moving again and he began moving faster than I could ever move on my own. WE moved incredibly quickly through the castle and WE landed on the adamantine trap door where WE could see ‘Essa in the tentacled grasp of the monster above US.

WE fought with the monster, realizing that the rest of the party did NOT wait for my signal and some of them had been grievously injured. The Fop wasn’t looking well…what with being almost pinched in two by the monster. My fellow adventurers were in a sorry state by the time the shaman’s spell had worn off. I was less than impressed with ‘Essa charging in to the fray the moment I was out of the room. I chose to heal her so she was no longer at death’s door…again…then let her simmer in her injuries to think about the notion of actions and consequences.

One of the group broke open the iron maiden that had been in the room with us and Lord K. fell out, looking dehydrated and moments from the next realm. Once we healed him and I brought him food and water, Lord K bestowed 10,000 gold pieces each of us to show his thanks.

His wife died in childbirth and he surrounded himself with his creations. He considered Frank his only child. The monster we fought and killed was his protector. I suggested that he might not have such a tough go of it if he made smaller, friendlier creatures that the townspeople didn’t want to come and burn him at the stake for creating.

While the rest of the party filed back downstairs for more food and wound-licking, a ring dropped down into my hand from above – a ring given to me by the flying homunculi, Harold, that he had used to make himself invisible to the others. Turns out the little guy gave me his ring of invisibility – I try it on and ‘Essa pounces on the last spot she saw me. I tickle her to get out of her grasp. After that she put me on her shoulders to keep me close and I took advantage of my new invisibility by moving locks of her hair about.

Looking around at the party, I realize that Atherton…Atheron is dead. Damn, I was really starting to like the fellow. The shaman came over to the remains of the elf and licked his face. A brilliant light enveloped the elf’s body and once the fireworks died down, the most attractive, cocky orc in a peacock feather hat stood before us. He’s going to be insufferable now, with his strength, charisma, and that ever loving hat.

A surge of energy flows through the group and I notice a change in Senji. Senji is now a full sized raptor – they grow up so quickly!

On the search for a cure!
I surprised the newest emember of our party by turning into a bear. It's a thing I do.

We are resting in the study when we hear a large, angry crowd…followed quickly by shrieking terror.
The switch has gone back to the ‘on’ position – I tied it down into the ‘off’ position. Take that.

Once outside, we saw the villagers running away from the castle – some took the fast way down by jumping off the bridge into the river below.

While were we making our way across the bridge, Sark triggered a trap. Suddenly, a flash of light blinded Atherton and a battle was on. I started the battle already tired of this creature’s shenanigans. I called lightning and hit her once, twice, three times…
11 fire
24 regular damage
I use cure light wounds and get 11 points back. Still…it hurts. Senji guarded me while I healed myself, then I was back in the game and got her with another lightning bolt.
She was trying to hit me, but she hit Senji. That was IT. My last lightning bolt hit her solidly and she was sent back to her plane of vile existence.

We moved into the building ahead of us – rows of vials, with three vials that have rolled out from beneath the cabinet – Violet venom – a powerful poison. Just then, one of the sarcophagi in the corner bursts open and an orc emerged. Turns out he wasn’t too bad a character. He joined our ranks just in time for another attack. One of the sarcophagi opens into some kind of…attack box. Another opened up to reveal a mummy…it attacked ‘Essa and touched her. She was hit by it…
I tried to heal ‘Essa…no luck. It now looks like she could be at death’s door again.

We discuss her last wishes quietly out of earshot from the rest of the party. If she falls, I know what she wants to move into the next world with.

Two bear footprints the size of a Sasquatch, and two sets of tiny (smaller than me) with little tracks with nail marks in the dust. It’s like tiny, adorable tracks of creatures that I suspect will rip our faces off in our sleep.

I was rummaging around in the basement looking for a cure for my friend. My search was interrupted by a gollum and two homunculi that had the larger beast on a leash. I turned into a grizzly bear and attacked the flesh Gollum when it broke into the room.
As soon as it was down, I ran out of the room. Once I was clear of the room I healed myself and headed for ’Essa. I check on her and continue looking for something that could cure her. I move into another room and find three large urns with a variety of fluids in them.

One smells like embalming fluid.
Another makes me feel nauseous.
The third one smells…off.
I leave the jars (massive) where they are and leave the room.

I find another set of stairs and followed them up. I find a door and hear sounds of sea waves – a giant conch shell strapped to a record player. I find another staircase that goes into the ceiling. This new room is full of flying things…well…pieces of flying things.

Another store rooms filled with boxes – more mundane preserved animals. 3 locked chests which Atherton opens.

The left one – assorted garbage – taxidermy stuff.
The middle one – more taxidermy supplies
The final one – two floating medusa heads – we kill them post haste

A wand of cure moderate at the bottom of the chest – 14 charges.

Boxes contain stuff. The bottom of one of the boxes – a switch. I flip the switch and a ladder descends. As soon as I open the door an alarm and acid fog fills the room – an acid fog tries to cleanse me from this world, but I get out just in time.

Nothing is left upstairs – the remnants of glass tubing and not much else. The walls and windows have been left untouched and the view is brilliant upstairs.

Hack, hack, slash, slash, hit it with a rock!

The Fop took ‘Essa’s cloak and bedazzled it. He’s a strange one…though I think I saw a glimmer of approval in her eye before she quickly donned a mask of impassivity.

We wake at 4 in the morning by the screams of something inhuman, followed by deafening rolling thunder outside of the gatehouse. The wind has picked up and there is a huge thunderstorm around us. ‘Essa and I looked to each other and went upstairs with Senji to wait it out for a bit. We hear a low growl from beyond the keep. For a moment, I see a shape and recognize it as one of the golem hounds. Don’t zap it with lighting this time…stupid.

I began to smell something cooking and look out the window to see the creature get hit with fire and take a bit of an injury. I activate burning gaze and glare at it, though it as unaffected by my glowering.

The orc took down the golem with a heavy duty arrow…we heard it ‘pinging’ around its innards before it keeled over dead.

We ran outside towards the castle – we were almost there when Athrerton touched to door and set off an air elemental that almost threw ‘Essa off the bridge and threw me into the wall of the bridge. As it moved past us it picked my little Senji up then threw him back down onto the ground. We scrambled into the castle. Once there, we barred the door and took a moment to breathe. Too bad, since a door opened up and a contraption with many bladed arms came rolling out towards us. Since I figured we weren’t going to be here for long and I wouldn’t likely get another chance…I pulled the switch…and apparently dissipated the elemental. ‘Essa fought the contraption and slayed it mightily!

The rest of the party…eventually…moved into the castle and have a look around. You know, since it’s safe to walk around in there now.

The elf goes back to the gatehouse and retrieves the cloak he was working on just before we started the fight. He shook it off and put it on ‘Essa…who didn’t trust it until she realizes it was a cloak of resistance. Though…unicorns? The fop and the orc went off on their own exploring.

They came back a short time later going on about tobacco and rust monsters…we went to help clear out the lab from the monster. After a lengthy discussion, the monk opened the door and let the vile creatures loose. I slayed one with a rock – the only one of my weapons that is not made of metal that I would risk in this fight.

No time to write!
Who can write journals when we're under attack?

Count Alpon Caromarc

We set out from the town to head off to the Count’s castle – as we move along, the road becomes less traveled and the sounds of the forest bleed away into something more sinister…

We come to a castle in ruins, with a stone bridge falling apart. Tied to the gates before the stone bridge were a pair of troll hounds.

The orc tried diplomacy, but there were a series of volleys of boulders and large arrows fired his way. I tried to let those in the castle know that we weren’t with the mob, and started moving away from Sark…which is good since in the next moment three troll hounds came bounding out towards us.

Buttercup was frightened by the troll dogs and ran away which left me to quickly dismount. Senji went to the aid of ‘Essa and the fight was on!

Then Senji was hit by one of the heathens and I sprang to his rescue! I healed him and told him to take it easy so he didn’t get more hurt. Poor little fellow!

The battle ensued and ……..

No need for mourning...
'Essa's back and ready to disregard pleas of mercy.

We arrived at the church of Iomede with ‘Essa’s body and my newly acquired horse friends and Senji. I called upon the priest to restore ‘Essa to her former glory. After paying the 200 platinum pieces and the remaining 3000 gold owed as donation to the church, there was a huge commotion towards the courthouse.

We were quickly ushered into the courthouse where we learned the townsfolk were livid with the outcome of the trial so far. I snuck out the back door to go and get the judge who hired us to research the Beast.

Then we bickered about life and death for a while then ‘Essa stormed off to go to bed. I follow her since she needs someone to look after her for a while since she was, you know, dead a little while ago. That, and her hair really needs something done with it since it looks like she’s been through hell and back.

She threw a bit of a fit back I her room…I waited her out then called her on her childish tantrum. When I pointed this out, she reminded me of “Group loot,” and I allow her to pass into Sark’s room to mess his shit up, then we go to the dwarf’s room and loot…I mean…reclaim for the greater good…everything he had of value. She then looked around and had a brilliant idea – ransack everyone’s rooms and blame it on the angry mob. Excellent. Once she is back in her own room, I get her into her jammies and clean her up/bandage her wounds before I brush out her hair.

In the morning, ‘Essa and I headed back to V&G to get the bodies of our vanquished enemies to present to the barrister.

The Beast was eventually acquitted of all crimes and free to go back to his home: Shlaus Caramark.

Lessons Learned
If they've been constrcuted from dead flesh, best not to use lightning on them.

We continue through Hergstag…having destroyed the other child ghosts….

At around 11:30 at night, it is completely silent. No bugs humming, no birds chirping, nothing. We could hear nothing but our own footsteps.

As the rest of the party wound their way up the hill, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. Wind whipped branches in front of the rest of the party when they see a wraith filled with a buzzing of hornet type eyes. Tendrils whip out of it and grab at ‘Essa and hit her. I spoke to her later and she said it felt like 100 angry hornets stinging her. She said it was ‘no big deal’.

There were 20 different eyes on the wraith…

As we got to the cave, the wraith came up in front of me from the ground between myself and Atherton and it reached into my chest and pulled at my heart. Ouch! I had just finished calming Senji down when he saw his person take a hit. He flew at the wraith in a rage and jumped straight through it and landed unharmed on the other side.

The others continued to take the opportunity I provided by slowing the beast down momentarily and slayed it. There were cries in the night in a few different directions immediately after…we realized the other wraith-spawns had likely turned into wraiths themselves. Not good. This complicates things.

I bopped myself on the head with my magical stick and healed myself a bit, enough to feel good enough to move again.

As we were travelling back to the town, we were accosted on the road by a group of orcs. Senji was majestic – completely in his element now that he could actually attack something. The battle was over before I knew it, having been almost killed by the many wounds I took while I fought against the orcs.

When we got back to town, we rested overnight and were present at the trial of the beast. The crowd seemed to quietly turn against us – Senji became uncomfortable and ‘Essa and I noticed his skittish behaviour and took note of the crowd’s attitude.

We travelled to the burnt ruins of the sanatorium and the team asked me to check out the waterway around the building. The water was murky and I wasn’t able to see anything out of the ordinary aside from an odd moaning/mumbling noise that comes and goes while I am underwater. ‘Essa plunged her head underwater and heard the same noises…I could see nothing else so I climbed out of the water back onto dry land. We started down into the cellar the others found when an overpowering stench of death surrounded us. We had discovered a chamber with ghasts…I started channelling my inner pyromaniac and started setting them on fire with my gaze. ‘Essa charged into the fray and split one in half with a mighty heave of her sword. It was a thing of beauty where I would set them up (well…on fire) and she would knock them down. I was a bit concerned when one of the filthy creatures bit her and sunk its disgusting teeth into her flesh. She didn’t take any poison into her bloodstream, but I cleansed her wounds immediately afterwards and healed her up good. It made me feel better about the whole thing.

In the box:
Slightly melted gold belt buckle
A crossbow with silver bolts
A silver bracelet with the depiction of an owl being consumed by a moon (I take it and wear it as a wrist brace).

We arrived back in town at dusk after finding the graves the ghasts had opened up to feed on the dead found within.

While we were at V&G warehouse, we ran into the warehouse and saw three horribly disfigured beings. We quickly killed them. I tried to electrocute them with the building they were in – this, as it turns out, was not a god idea. The beasts were quickly slain by the others and Soda tried to murder one of the horses. The three horses were quickly calmed by myself and ‘Essa. The last one we got around to was very taken with me and began carrying me around like its long lost cuddly blanket. I immediately named her Buttercup.

While we were busy getting the horses under control, the rest of the group looted the room and found the following:

12 vials alchemist’s fire
12 vials of liquid ice
10 smoke pellets
10 smoke sticks
6 bottles of bleach

After acquainting ourselves with our new pets, we found a room with 7 vats with pipes connecting them. The vats were filled with the base components of everyday alchemist’s potions held above fires. There were a number of mongrel folk working away but they quickly fled.

I was eventually hit with a bomb, but not before seeing another flicker of darkness above me. ‘Essa was taking damage, when I remembered George, my wolverine friend from our days in the Viridian Forrest. The heat of the battle and fires from below the vats reminded me of the forest fire where I helped save his family from a burning thatch of brambles. He fought valiantly, but was sent back to the forest from whence he came. I was running up the stairs when it happened.

‘Essa fell in battle. I didn’t think much of it at first because she had fallen before and was brought back just fine. But…she was gone.

5 pots of alchemical grease
3 pouches of flash powder
I clear vial – invisibility
Brown with green flecks potion – spider climb
Half blue half white – water breathing
Stick – wand of acid arrow
Personal alchemist’s kit
Alchemist’s book
Ring of keys
4 more doses of what we assume are poison (1 black, 2 blue, 1 grey)
1 dented heavy mase

From the dwarf scum:
1 cure light wound
2 vials of acid
1 anti-toxin
Masterwork hand axe
Masterwork throwing axe
Symbol of a bad dwarf god
Freshly spilled spell components pouch

Inside the cabinet against the wall, we found a horrific, sickening sight. No less than 12 skins of people, mostly recognized from missing persons’ reports, including the skin of one of the large beasts complete with alligator bite marks from the swamp lands we visited days ago.

Skin stealer – he will kill and wear the skin of his victims. There was, however, one skin we recognized as belonging to professor Katarina Vildt. She was a lecturer of surgery.

In a hidden compartment behind the cabinet, we found:
200 platinum pieces (2000 gold)
100 platinum (found after I left with ‘Essa’s body to go back to town)
Silver cup inlaid with obsidian
A syringe filled with glowing green glue – necromantic goo to make zombies not act like zombies

We discussed what we should do next, and I volunteered to take ‘Essa’s body back to town and rouse the : Judge, the Guard, and our Lawyers to convince them with our new evidence of the vials of nastiness, the professor’s skin…enough to firmly convince the justice system of the monster’s innocence.

Liessa's Journal Entry 10-2

We continued to hunt the vile spirit children. The next location to find one of these wretched ghost children was from within the walls of a haunted church or town hall. The eerie, music pouring out as we drew near gave me shivers even though I was not cold. When we enter the music stops and I saw a girl, a youth whom was singing to herself, as we drew near she disappeared. We then fanned out and the ghostly youth attacked Our owl from below the floorboard. She then would not show herself again so we ended up burning down the church.

Continuing we found a house of the little girl Karen – I think the one who died two days after being returned by the beast. Strange that the room is in such a lovely state. I found a present for my druid friend, a dress the child would no longer need, but would probably fit her nicely.

After searching a few more homes to no avail we head back to the burning church. This is where we encountered some tragic news. The cop was there but our dwarf friend was now an elf. Sark told us how Bofkas died valiantly and he met this fancy elf. Poor dwarf, he fought well.

The fancy elf knows a lot about wraiths and we decide to split up to hunt the remaining spawn. Freja and I head north, her perched upon my head. We search until we see a wraith boy, as we approach his house he fires sling bullets at us, Freja flies into the air, and the ghost chases her, I signal for her to flee, knowing that Bloostained Heart would send the boys damned soul to rest. The boy reappeared in the window, but then disappeared as my axe chopped down. The next time I see the out boy I am ready as he reaches for my face, I instinctively bite at it, which causes it to flinch and stumble. With his back to me I cut straight down the ghost boy’s back sending him back to oblivion. We fund nothing else in this part of town so we meet back with the others.

Our new companion suggests we check one of the children’s graves so he and the cop dig it up – apparently to use as evidence. We do the math and then Freja and I going and tactically lure out another boy wraith a quickly dispatch it.

With only one wraith left we get ready to finish it off and then we will ride back to Lepidstadt.

Liessa Journal, Entry 10

The first day of the trial seemed to go well. The people here did not kill the beast perhaps because something the knight said.
After court got out we split to go look for more evidence. We left the cop and Bofkas to investigate in town, and the rest of us headed to the see some women survivors of Herkstag – they just tell us that no one actually saw the beast do anything and there are 7 ghost children… at least I have the tools for dealing with ghosts.. we also find out that they trapped the town for trespassers so watch for traps.

Once there I have to save Karna from stepping in a bear trap almost right away. Helmets are no good if you cant see. At the first house we find we see a scarecrow that turns out to be a human and our little Owl friend spots some shinny coins and asks me in owl to hold the purse.

Moving on we find a wraithspawn child – must be one of the ghosts. So it wasn’t the beast killing kids cause it’s not a wraith. I rush it with Bloodstained Heart and take a mighty chunk out of this evil child. it swipes back and drains some of my essence and it heals the vile thing. I retaliate with a ferocious slash and the child dissipates.

Our next house we find a little ghost girl skipping rope. The old man and I flank her but then it walks right through the old man and disappears. All the while she sings her cursed rhyme. Karna sees her going in the house so he burns it down.

Liessa, Journal Entry 9

We have arrived in Lepidstadt and our groups strength of skills seems needed right away. This is what’s happened so far Journal

We arrived around dinner so we stayed at the Red Scarf Inn. Still feeling proud at our victory over Harrowstone we celebrated – well my little friend and the dwarf and me did. I don’t know what happened next, but according to the the rest of the group I was ‘inebri-something’. Thankfully Freja had something for my horrible hangover. But we were summoned to a judge’s house! Judge Elbrith wants us to deliver a red book to a professor, seems menial but we agree to do it. As we leave her house I hear the sound of large furniture being dragged across wood floor.

When we arrive at the university we find huge – well for non giant huge – foot prints and a smashed in wall. We meet the prof and he says that the only thing taken was some weird seathing eff N Gee. – whatever that is. The crime scene has a scent of beeswax near the back door – the magicky people say that’s important. So we drop off the book and go back to the Judge.

Back at the judge we finally get our money from Lorrimor‘s will. The judge then offers us double that money for proving the ’beast’ innoccent! and we have to help some courtroom guy. Bofkas wants to try tracking it – which sounds like more fun so Freja and I go.

In the woods we don’t find anything but dwarf things he can find more. Freja turns into a bear to try and track by smell but we end up wrestling. She is a a lot stronger as a bear. Impressive for such a small one in gnome body.

Once back in town we notice a huge burning man in the center of town. I check it out and then we meet with the rest of the group that wants to head to Morast to find evidence. Okay, sure, they will probably need help with the monsters that lurk out there.

So the town is on stilts, and this crazy town the people don’t get older and they say the water keeps them young. Looks gross but I drink some… tastes like gross water.

We talk to a guy who knows something, but before long we are on an island and a manticore is attacking us. This cowardly beast dares not land for fear of my blade and instead of dying honorably in battle it flees, but not before I am positive that I gave it an arrow wound it will not forget. Inside it’s nest we find a corpse and apparently some evidence for the trial or maybe that was the surgeon’s tools in that other boat. Either way we head back to Lepidstadt


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