Rob's Carrion Crown

Hack, hack, slash, slash, hit it with a rock!

The Fop took ‘Essa’s cloak and bedazzled it. He’s a strange one…though I think I saw a glimmer of approval in her eye before she quickly donned a mask of impassivity.

We wake at 4 in the morning by the screams of something inhuman, followed by deafening rolling thunder outside of the gatehouse. The wind has picked up and there is a huge thunderstorm around us. ‘Essa and I looked to each other and went upstairs with Senji to wait it out for a bit. We hear a low growl from beyond the keep. For a moment, I see a shape and recognize it as one of the golem hounds. Don’t zap it with lighting this time…stupid.

I began to smell something cooking and look out the window to see the creature get hit with fire and take a bit of an injury. I activate burning gaze and glare at it, though it as unaffected by my glowering.

The orc took down the golem with a heavy duty arrow…we heard it ‘pinging’ around its innards before it keeled over dead.

We ran outside towards the castle – we were almost there when Athrerton touched to door and set off an air elemental that almost threw ‘Essa off the bridge and threw me into the wall of the bridge. As it moved past us it picked my little Senji up then threw him back down onto the ground. We scrambled into the castle. Once there, we barred the door and took a moment to breathe. Too bad, since a door opened up and a contraption with many bladed arms came rolling out towards us. Since I figured we weren’t going to be here for long and I wouldn’t likely get another chance…I pulled the switch…and apparently dissipated the elemental. ‘Essa fought the contraption and slayed it mightily!

The rest of the party…eventually…moved into the castle and have a look around. You know, since it’s safe to walk around in there now.

The elf goes back to the gatehouse and retrieves the cloak he was working on just before we started the fight. He shook it off and put it on ‘Essa…who didn’t trust it until she realizes it was a cloak of resistance. Though…unicorns? The fop and the orc went off on their own exploring.

They came back a short time later going on about tobacco and rust monsters…we went to help clear out the lab from the monster. After a lengthy discussion, the monk opened the door and let the vile creatures loose. I slayed one with a rock – the only one of my weapons that is not made of metal that I would risk in this fight.



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