Liessa Foebreaker

A beautiful yet unrefined looking woman whose fingernails end in cruel stiletto spikes.


Although not incredibly tall it is quite clear that this woman is not to be trifled with. Standing just over five and half feet her body has almost no fat on her. Her heterochromatic eyes (right silver, left gold) stare back with an intensity that borders on feral. Furthermore, the contrast of snowy white skin with jet black hair complete her unsettling yet strangely attractive look.

Perception +5 – Passive = 15


Liessa grew up the daughter of a barbarian chieftain. She learnt the ways of the warrior from her father and he raised her to be the tribes successor. However, when puberty hit and she showed her non human linneage the people of her tribe began to shun her. Then one day she was attacked
by a crazed hulking woman trying to force her to come with her. The woman claiming to be Liessa’s mother. This hulking monstrosity was not what Liessa wanted for her life and somehow she was able to evade the hag’s devastating blows and trick her into a crippling trap. The hag fell to its
death and she became accepted again by her tribe and received her last name FOEBREAKER. Shortly after Professor Lorrimor was traveling through her tribes lands and asked her father for some assistance in navigating the land effectively and safely. Liessa was the escort and in their travels, she and the Professor discussed her unlikely survival. He explained to her that she was very lucky and they discussed different ways to combat any future hags she may encounter. Liessa has helped Lorrimor several times since their initial meeting and she is quite saddened by his passing.

Liessa Foebreaker

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